21 Years of High Caliber Varsity Basketball



A Fantastic Tournament!

The snow day on Friday provided some scheduling challenges, but by mid afternoon, we had a new schedule posted and we were back on track.

On Saturday, the games started at 9 AM with a continuation of the round robin which resulted in Colonel Gray beating out the Bernice McNaughton Highlanders, Central Kings winning over Harrison Trimbal Trojans, Horton Griffins trumping the Riverview Royals and Auburn Eagles defeating the Moncton Knights. The bronze game did not disappoint with a solid game between BHMS and RHS in the first half with RHS pulling ahead for a win in the second half. The gold medal game between Horton and Colonel Gray was very fast paced and was anyone's game until the final quarter when Horton leaped ahead for their glorious 71:53 win.

The Tournament MVP for 2015 is Horton #9, Jayda Veinot. 

Tournament All Stars include:
  • MHS #4, Lucie Ford
  • Central Kings #23, Emma Hachey
  • Auburn #5, Kia Beals
  • BMHS #6, Karina May
  • BMHS #12, Amanda Lund
  • RHS #8, Abby Lacey
  • RHS #5, Katelyn Dunnett
  • Colonel Gray #12, Jayda Yeo
  • Colonel Gray #4, Jenna Mae Ellsworth
  • Horton #2, Haley McDonald

HTHS #5 Brittany Perreault was awarded the Sportsmanship trophy.

The winner of a Sweat Academy camp is BMHS #6, Karina May.


Bursaries were awarded to a deserving player from each local team: 
  • $500 Tom Cormier Cooperators,Insurance MHS: Lucie Ford
  • $500, RHS: Lexie Gant
  • $500, HTHS: Kaylee MacDonald
  • $500, BMHS: Karly Buckingham

The 2015 Organizing Committee would like to extend sincere appreciation to the many sponsors who made this event possible. Without you, an event of this caliber would never happen. A special note of thanks goes out to Tom Cormier and Associates at Cooperators Insurance for their substantial and long running support for this event. Thank-you very much to all of you.

This tournament is first and foremost about women's varsity basketball. Thank-you to the coaches and players for working hard to be the best you can be and for giving it your all. We know you enjoy playing as much as we do watching your exciting games.

This tournament happens through the sheer will, commitment, determination and hard work of many parents, volunteers and the larger community. A event of this magnitude requires months of careful planning and coordination between many people leading up to the tournament. 

Greco Pizza provided the catering for both the Pizza night and the Player Banquet and fed hundreds of people. They have been providing their wonderful food to the players of this tournament for many years and support of this magnitude is rare and greatly appreciated.

The coverage from our friends in the media was top notch and really added to the excitement with top notch coverage. Thank-you to the Times Transcript for the excellent articles; K-94.5, Max 103.9 and Choix FM 99.9 for their superb announcements leading up to and during the event, Bell Aliant Community One for their live streaming webcast with excellent commentary and Tanya Everett Photography for fantastic photos of the event.

Thank-you to the parents for supporting your children, getting them to the games doing whatever is required without complaint. 

Thank-you to our Honorary Chairperson, Sharon Keays Wade, for the inspiring words and for being an outstanding role model to these young athletes. 

Our event was held at Crandall University again this year and we would like to thank them for making room for us in their busy academic schedule to provide this wonderful venue.

Finally, thank-you to our friends at Keystone Physiotherapy who provided relief to many players throughout the games.

The 2015 Organizing Committee

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